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We've harvested loofahs at our South Texas ranch and they are ready to come home with you. 

With loofahs, you can reuse them over and over again as long as you keep them clean and mold-free. 

Our loofahs come in a large and medium size

  • Large size are anywhere from 8 inch to 12 inch
  • Medium size are anywhere from 4 inch to 6 inch

Loofah's or luffa's, spelled either way, are the fibrous interior of the vegetable that resembles marrow, dried and used as a sponge for washing the body and in many other ways. Grown on a vine, they are part of the cucumber family. 

We love this sustainable, eco-friendly sponge alternative for using on your body but wait, you can use it to clean pots and pans, to clean surfaces and a few other really cool ways like adding them to soap. 

Check out our blog post on how we grew our seeds into loofah sponges.